Style Check: Millennials are getting more into the IT Bags

In every woman’s lifetime, at one point or another, she has dreamt of owning the It-Bag. The IT Bag stands tall and mighty proud in the hierarchy of handbags; it is the ultimate object of every woman’s yearning, ranging from A-list Hollywood celebrities and fashion moguls to every other working woman. It is that one object women are willing to work extra shifts for. They make a statement about a woman’s class, status in society and her sense of style. It is a symbol of luxury and let’s be honest here! We all love to treat ourselves every now and then.

The choice of your handbag is what gives your outfit that overall wow factor and makes you stand out in a crowd.

A MUST-HAVE Fashion Accessory for Tech-savvy Millennial

The real question, however, is why do we gravitate towards IT bags as opposed to clothes? The answer is simple. Clothes are redundant. Trends change by the second and no one is willing to invest so heavily in a piece of clothing that will eventually wear out after multiple uses. With student loans and crushing debt, keeping up with every changing high fashion trends can be exhausting. This isn’t true for bags, though. An IT bag is basically your on-the-go survival kit. In the hustle and bustle of the 21st-century urban jungle, mobility and convenience are essential. Our IT bags harbor everything we need on the daily from our phones and tablets to cash, makeup and personal care items, sometimes even a change of clothes if necessary. It is more than just an accessory. It serves a much greater purpose. However, the choice of your handbag is what gives your outfit that overall wow factor and makes you stand out in a crowd.

IT Bags – A Global Recognition of Convenience

People tend to often not understand the emotion and desire behind an IT Bag. Doesn’t it basically do the same thing as a regular bag? One might ask. The outstanding design is what makes it so valuable. It is the attribute that makes it instantly decipherable from a distance. Every luxury brand has successfully managed to leave an impact with their easily recognizable designs, such as the immensely popular Fendi baguette or the gold chains on the Chanel 2.55.

Glamor and sparkle are the cherries on top. Successful marketing is to be given credit here as well but frankly, the main reason behind the aspiration to get their hands on one of these classic designs is the association between fashion and a celebrity. A perfect example is that of the renowned Hermes Kelly IT bag and the Lady Dior. These designs snagged the attention of the globe after being endorsed by world famous personalities like Lady Diana and Prince Grace of Monaco.

Uniqueness that Lures the Millennial

With the ascent of relatively more new affordable luxury brands, one would expect the demand and sale of these more expensive luxury items to decrease, however, the opposite is true. There actually has been a noticeable rise in demand and supply. The fact that these items are not available in surplus adds to the demeanor. The number in which these items are manufactured is limited which increases competitiveness to achieve the next new IT Bag as soon as it is launched. It is a sly approach undertaken by these monster brands to further bring in more money. The price of these items can often soar as high as twice or thrice of the original price. The iconic Alexander McQueen Novak is a perfect example.

Millennials gravitate towards uniqueness, thus luxury brands have launched multiple new designs to attract more millennials and it is working. New designs are now incorporating funky hardware, eccentric patterns and embellishments and keeping up with fresh and innovative fashion trends. Chain link flap bags, double handed minis, metallic and opalescent bags are some examples that deserve recognition.

An iconic IT bag is not just a symbol of high fashion. It marks an era. The finest traditions of lineage, intricate craftsmanship and standard are to be given credit for their success and that is not a huge price to pay in the eyes of someone who lives for the art.

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