5 must have APPs for work and travel


Traveling is a must. Business or personal vacations.

I find it extremely important to know how to utilize my USD 700 smart phone so we could experience less hassle and more fun during trips. Here I want to share 5 free mobile apps I use frequently during before and during the travel. The best thing about these 5 apps is that you can use them even if the internet or wifi isn’t available!

  1. CityMaps2Go

CityMaps2Go is somewhat similar to google maps and it’s is very useful to use within a city. This APP gives you 3 free maps for their free version and usually you’ll like it very much that you don’t mind paying for your 4th one. You can choose to download offline maps and start making different color marks for the places on the map and make your own lists. For example day one could be all marked in blue or all museums can be marked in green.  In the offline map it already includes most of the points of interests with content derived from wikipedia, hotels, restaurants, and etc. You can also edit or add comment on a place for reference. For someone who wants to explore a city, this app comes in handy.


2. Evernote

Even if Evernote recently experienced layoffs and office closures, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a very powerful tool that everyone should have it installed on their phones. Texts/images/voice notes can all be edited and saved in one note. It’s like using a post-it board only it’s 10 times better because you actually don’t lose any of them. Evernote can also be synced with web version once you’re on your computer.


3. Pocket

Pocket is UI/UX friendly. I use Pocket mostly for offline reading, which is very useful especially when i’m in places where internet wifi isn’t available – for example, in flight. When I come across interesting articles or videos online, I’d save it to Pocket using the chrome add-on on the browser and use tags to categorize them. Articles saved in Pockets are laid out nicely with tags shown at each column. I could simply view from tags or type in search bar to find relevant information.


4. Convert

There’re many converter apps for currency, units, temperature, and etc. you can find nowadays, but I have been using Convert since several years ago and never want to download another one. Here’s why, it’s an all in one convertor for pretty much everything. Take currency as example, it automatically updates the last available ratios (when you had internet connection) so you don’t have to worry about your ratios are outdated and get ripped-off. The other feature is that it allows you to customize your favorite converters, meaning you don’t have to keep repeating the same unit if that’s frequently in use.


5.  navFree

Here comes my favorite app on the go. If you happens to be someone who likes to get a rental car and start road-tripping then you’ll LOVE this app. Not everyone has internet connection while traveling, so what’s even better than a FREE, OFFLINE, VOICE GPS navigation app? The app is very accurate and I used it while I was in Germany driving from Munich to Frankfurt, with some stops in between. No problem! Having this App is like having a garmin gps, only you don’t have to carry it with you overseas! I couldn’t imagine how lost I would be if I didn’t have this app on my phone. Multiple languages are supported and night mode is available.



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