Preparation for Amazon FBA


“Do what today others won’t, so tomorrow, you can do what others can’t.” – Brian Rogers Loop

It’s never easy to build something up from scratch, especially something you love very much. It has taken me and my small team a lot of time in this business, from designing to finding the right craftsman workshop (now because we are move into a bigger scale we start surveying factories for larger quantity) to work with. None of these tasks are easy, luckily we’re all passionate about “giving stylish women a better laptop bag option from fashion’s standpoint!”

We’ll start selling sight laptop bags on Amazon before end of this year but guess what? There’re tons of things for us to do before we are ALLOWED to send sight’s laptop bags to Amazon’s warehouse.

Challenge 1. Amazon requires each product to be placed in a 1.5 mil thick poly bag with suffocation warnings printed on it. We decided to contact the plastic bag factory to make our own poly bags and we need to send our spec to the factory. Here’s what we’re working on today! We just taught ourselves to use illustrator! woohoo!!!


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